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fingerprint security system

Door entry system

Your Childs security is the most important thing we offer.

Security at your finger tips

Fingerprint identification is the most secure form of access control. The chances of 2 people having the same fingerprint is 1 in 64 billion – and because there are no pass cards involved, the system is the easiest to use and maintain on an ongoing basis. Individual fingerprints are stored in the system as a mathematical algorithm (rather than as a readable image) ensuring individual privacy is protected whilst making it virtually impossible to cheat the system.

The fingerprint system installed in our nursery allows parents or carers, that are registered, to come into the nursery without us having to leave anyone unattented to get the door. Those who’s fingerprints have not been placed on the database, will have to wait outside the door until a member of staff is there to open the door. further identification will be needed such as agency ID or if they are a child’s family member, they will be asked to show a form of photo ID and they will be asked for the password that the child’s parents has supplied us with at setup.

We have a PDF file of the System below:

Door entry system
Door entry system
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